January 29, 2012

The Tubes and Lugs have arrived!

I had a knock on the door Friday morning and was greeted by the FedEx man with a long slender cardboard package for me.  My tubes and lugs had arrived from the UK.  Many thanks to Peter from Ceeway for processing the order so quickly.  I had confirmed my order on Monday morning and the package arrived Friday morning the same week.  I have since opened up the package and inspected the tubes and lugs that I ordered.  All seems well, everything is there and in good condition.  Herer is what I ordered from Ceeway:

STAINLESS STEM LUG 'A' STANDARD                                    

STAINLESS STEM LUG 'B' STANDARD                                    
LC302R FORK CROWN. FLEUR DE LYS                                 
LT302R FLEUR DE LYS TOP HEAD LUG                                 
LD302R FLEUR DE LYS BOTTOM HEAD LUG                          
LS302R FLEUR DE LYS SEAT LUG                                       
LB302R CAST FLEUR DE LYS SHELL BSC                              
LR302R CAST FLEUR DE LYS REAR ENDS                             
LE302R CAST FLEUR DE LYS FRONT END                              
189 CONICAL BRAKE BRIDGE - 80MM                                     
244 CONCAVE C/STAY BRIDGE. 26MM                                    
ST-01 PUMP PEG                                                                   
362 DIAMOND FOR SEAT STAY BR.                                         
286B CAST FRONT MECH BOSS. LONG SLOT                         
477 BOTTLE BOSS                                                                  
581 BRAZE ON MUDGUARD EYE                                            
142 TERMINAL INNER GUIDE                                               
453 STOP. LARGE                                                                  
313C OVERBRACKET GUIDE SET                                            
367 INTERNAL WIRE RE-INFORCEMENT                                 
SL NIOBIUM TOP TUBE 25.4                                                    
SL NIOBIUM DOWN TUBE SL2I12                                             
SL NIOBIUM SEAT TUBE SL2I13                                              
SL CHAIN STAY SL0I14OV                                                       
SL SEAT STAY 14MM SL0415                                                   
SL0I18600 SL HEAD TUBE 600MM                                           
NIVACROM STEERER 25.4MM X 320 NO THREAD                    
SL FORK BLADES. SL0I16V1                                                   
SIF BRONZE 2 1.6MM 150 G

The raw lugs are beautiful as they are.  I can't wait to see what they will look like when I put a little elbow grease on them and polish them up.  I had a thought when I inspected the tubes.  I have more than enough length with the steerer tube and head tube for for an additional frame.  I suspect this will lead me to temptation.  There is a good possibility that I will have to put the extra length to good use as I hate to waste anything.

I will be setting up my work shop in the basement and building some simple jigs for the fork and frame in the coming months.  I will also layout all the tubes and mitres as I decide on the final measurements for the frame.  I am planning to build this frame with a classic geometry.  I don't think I will set it up as a 'Crit' bike, more like a race bike for longer distances.  I will allow enough clearance for fenders as I plan on using this bike on unpaved as well as paved roads.  I have yet to figure out if I will need to go with long reach brakes or If regular dual pivot brakes will work.  I have ruled out installing bosses for Mafac styled center-pull brakes as this would add a level of complexity to my first frame that I am not yet comfortable with.  I have, however not ruled out fabricating my own custom rack similar to the one Mike Barry has built for his 'Mountain Bike'.

I will be taking my time with this build as I am currently taking a full course load at school.  For the next few months my priorities will be on finishing up the semester and setting up the shop.  I don't anticipate I will get around to brazing until early summer.  Until then I will try and post a few tidbits of my thoughts and plans for this frame and other bike related ideas I have.

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